For Taurus: Fortune in the First half of 2023 (Jan 1 – Jun 30, 2023)

In the first half of 2023, you, Taurus, will be taking a giant leap forward. A sudden change is about to take place in a situation that has been difficult to move. A place you have been longing for a long time (more than 10 years, in fact), a person you have been trying to get close to but never got the chance to, or an ideal self you can visualize in your mind but can’t quite reach. You have been unable to move forward because of circumstances, but now a new path, a concrete path, is emerging. The good fortune you have been suppressing in your heart for so many years shines forth here. Fate has been waiting for a situation.

However, it will take some time before you realize these trends. Jupiter, the planet of fortune that moved into Aries at the end of 2022, will be telling you to “wait a little longer” in January and February, just after the new year. You have been putting in a great deal of effort toward your goals. However, for the past year or so, you have often felt that your efforts have somehow fallen short. Again, this is fate waiting for a situation. And it will not be until March 2023 that we will feel a major tidal shift.

It is worth noting that Saturn, the planet of trial, will move into Pisces on March 7. This is when the difficulties and trials people have been experiencing for the past couple of years will turn into significant accomplishments. As a Taurus,

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