For Sagittarius: Fortune in the First half of 2023 (Jan 1 – Jun 30, 2023)

For you, Sagittarius, the first half of 2023 will begin with great joy. With Jupiter, the planet of fortune, moving into Aries on December 20, 2022, the potential for joy, especially in romantic relationships, is swelling quickly. In particular, if you have had problems or frustrations, breakups or loneliness related to your love life around the first half of 2022, you should make great strides in 2023. In the first half of 2023, Jupiter will bring you sich great joy only once every 12 years. And this trend will strengthen as days gone. One of the first points is February 20. At this time, Venus, the planet that brings “crushes,” will also move into Aries, the same sign as Jupiter. This implies that a “crush” will coincide with the good fortune brought by Jupiter. And on March 20, the Vernal Equinox, the Sun, also moves into Aries. This is where the astrological New Year begins, and this radiant timing will bring more tangible progress to your joy.

There is a caveat, though. You may not be able to receive the benefits of this good fortune brought by Jupiter in a passive state. The word “joy” here has a nuance that you have to work on yourself to win it. Those who feel that they are not meeting people should actively enter into communication with people, and those who are dissatisfied with their current partner should make efforts to deepen their relationship. The joy that comes this time does not mean that it will be easy. It means discovering

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