For Aquarius: Fortune in the First half of 2023 (Jan 1 – Jun 30, 2023)

The first half of 2023 will see a planet move that is bigger than anything else for you, Aquarius. On March 7, Saturn will leave Aquarius behind and move into Pisces. In conclusion, this implies the end of the trials you have been facing for the last couple of years and a new stage in your life.

Saturn is the planet of trials. It has the role of a teacher, guiding people to significant growth by placing heavy burdens on them. And Saturn is staying in your sign of Aquarius from December 2020. What this means is that the trials brought by Saturn have fallen on you, the Aquarius, more strongly than on people of any other zodiac sign. And on March 7, 2023, Saturn will leave Aquarius, and your trials will be sublimated. This may sound like Saturn is an evil planet, but it is not at all. I know that you have had a lot of suffering and difficulties in the last couple of years, but they are all for the purpose of finding the destination that you will reach during the next 30 years. It was a period of learning to meet your “destiny. You cannot learn what is really important without thinking hard and making an effort. There are many difficulties that come along the way. And on March 7, the days of struggle will come to an end. You have found what you can call your “destiny” from your progress over the past few years, and you will begin to face a “new stage. You may not feel it now, but it is most important to believe in yourself for having made it through the difficult path.

There is another crucial planet movement for you in March. It is Pluto moving into Aquarius on March 23. This is the first significant event in about 16 years, and

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