For Leo: Crush and excitement Venus brings to you (Dec 9, 2022 – Jan 2, 2023)

Venus stays in Capricorn from December 9 to January 2, 2023. The following is the path that you, as a Leo, will be following in your communications.

Venus governs emotions such as “like” and “excitement.” Venus works intuitively, neither planned nor calculated, and it can cause you to reach a distant place as you devote yourself to what you love. And during Venus’s stay in Capricorn, the theme for you as a Leo will be “bringing back the ‘crush’ to your daily work, life, and routine.”

Venus is often said to govern romance, because it freshens up people’s relationships and creates feelings of “like.” The opposite of “like” is not “dislike,” but “indifference” or “rut.” Venus is the planet that brings happy feelings to life by “bringing back to life” various relationships, events, and jobs. And Leo people are in a period of finding “freshness” in their daily work and life.

Your daily life will be revived. This is the time to discover anew that your casual routine is full of great brilliance and potential. This feels like a great time to set the pace of your life.

Even if you are bored with your daily work, this is a time when

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