For Gemini: Foundation fortune brought by the Sun (Dec 21, 2022 – Jan 19, 2023)

The Sun will stay in Capricorn from December 21, 2022 to January 19, 2023. The Sun travels evenly through the 12 signs of the zodiac over the course of a year, a journey that gives people a story of seasons and destiny. And during the month of the Sun’s stay in Capricorn, starting December 21, you, Gemini, will be in the spotlight in a deep place of your heart. The key word “secret” comes to mind. A sense that something is stirring deep within you. It is hard to put into words, and you may not even be able to feel it, but you are likely to have a mysterious premonition that something within you is undergoing a metamorphosis.

There is a word “depth psychology,” and it is said that there is a place in the human mind that is much deeper than we are usually aware of, where there is no boundary between

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