For Scorpio: Foundation fortune brought by the Sun (Dec 21, 2022 – Jan 19, 2023)

The Sun will stay in Capricorn from December 21, 2022 to January 19, 2023. During this month, the luck that surrounds you as a Scorpio seems to be with the keyword “flow”. This means that group activities with friends and acquaintances will become more active, and you will also see a flow of new work and money being generated from such networks. It is not a sticky relationship, but a smooth image. It is a flow that allows us to create very close and efficient relationships with people, things, places, and information at work and in our daily lives.

The word “flow” can mean actually moving from one place to another, or it can also mean circulating communication in multiple directions. For example, your little idea may resonate with people and spread quickly. This is a period when you could meet many people, both romantically and otherwise. Important people, projects, or information could come your way at work. Various connections will be centered around you.

Astrologically, the Sun is

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