January 2023 Horoscope for Aries

A new year is dawning. Every year, Aries are quite busy at this time of the year, but 2023 may also be colored by the influence of Jupiter, the planet of fortune and expansion, which has moved under the sign of Taurus. How to get off to a good start in the midst of rapidly changing circumstances…that will be the first challenge this year. To review Jupiter’s movement for a moment, Jupiter entered Aries in early May 2022, began retrograde in the summer, and returned to Pisces at the end of October. After that, Jupiter moved into retrograde, and at the end of December, it moved back into Aries, where it remains today. In other words, Jupiter’s Aries period this time is It will have a strong meaning of restarting what was done from May to October last year. To use an analogy, normally we would plow the field, sow the seeds, grow them, and harvest them all at once, but this time we have already plowed the field and sowed the seeds, and now we are waiting for the moment of harvest while watering and fertilizing to prevent them from withering…. However,

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