January 2023 Horoscope for Virgo

Jupiter is the planet of fortune and expansion, expanding the possibilities for everything. For example, in love, you will have more chances to meet a wonderful person; in work, you will have more opportunities; and in money, you will have more sources of income and increase your savings. However, in the case of Virgo in 2023, rather than “expansion,” I feel that “digging deeper” is a more accurate description. Especially in relationships, you will develop an intense relationship with a particular person, which will bring you great happiness. When you are deeply involved with others, you may learn things about them that you don’t need to know. Some of these things you may not have wanted to know if you could, such as that the person you fell in love with was married, or that he or she will change his or her attitude toward you and another person. However, knowing those hidden things and secrets will expand your options in life. It may not sound like much luck in words, but it seems certain that this event will be a catalyst for good fortune. Outside of relationships,

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