January 2023 Horoscope for Aquarius

The new year has finally begun. At the beginning of this month, Aquarius, you may not have much room in your heart to think about what kind of year you want to have. However, your luck will gradually improve and you will be able to take the initiative in making things happen. Let us take a closer look at this month’s fortune. Early in the new year, Venus, the planet of love, will arrive to brighten your charm. If you are interested in someone, you may get a chance to be alone with him or her, or if you have a lover, you may finally be able to make a move toward marriage. Either way, the flame of love within you will be kindled, and your relationships with those around you will no doubt change as a result. Increased attractiveness also means that you will be the center of attention in gatherings outside of love. You will have a strong presence at work and in your hobbies. However, the fact that the Sun and Mercury are still in Capricorn,

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