For Libra: Crush and excitement Venus brings to you (Jan 2 – 26, 2023)

From January 2 to January 26, 2023, Venus, the planet of “likes” and “crushes,” will be in Aquarius. Venus is the planet that brings “freshness” to things and relationships. The feeling of “like” is derived from “freshness. And, as is evident in love, the opposite of “like” is not “dislike,” but “rut. Venus has the power to bring many things back to life with freshness through its power.

For you, Libra, the “freshness” that Venus brings during these 25 days will be especially poured into romance. Perhaps a better way to describe it would be “a period of romance. During Venus’s stay in Aquarius, it is a good time to be “excited” and to be proactive in getting into people’s lives. This is true whether you have a partner or not.

Venus is the planet that brings “freshness,” so it will bring a new wind to a couple or couple who are going through a period of fatigue. This can lead to

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