For Capricorn: Crush and excitement Venus brings to you (Jan 2 – 26, 2023)

Venus is the planet that influences emotions such as “excitement,” “like,” and “crush. Venus is often called the planet of love, because it is the planet that gives us feelings like these “crushes. Conversely, “like” and “excitement” can also be found in many other areas besides love, so it is also a mistake to assume that Venus = love.

Venus was in your sign of Capricorn from December 10 to January 2 last year. Generally, the period when a planet stays in a person’s zodiac sign is the period when the power of that planet is strong. So for you, Capricorn, the past four weeks have been a time when Venus’ power brought you many “likes” and “crushes. And from January 2 to January 26, 2023, Venus will be in Aquarius. For the next 25 days, there is a suggestion that your “likes” and “excitement” will be for more tangible things. It is a time of increased desire for certain things, often things that can be bought with money.

The feelings of “like,” “crush,” and “excitement” that Venus governs come from “making the world feel fresh. For you, Capricorn, during this period,

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