For Capricorn: Foundation fortune brought by the Sun (Jan 20 – Feb 18, 2023)

The Sun will stay in Aquarius from January 20 to February 18.

The Sun is the star that forms the “foundation” luck of events. It travels through the 12 signs of the zodiac evenly over a period of about 365 days, and is responsible for bringing “time” to people. While Saturn and Jupiter travel more slowly through the 12 signs of the zodiac and their influence falls on people slowly and deliberately, the Sun shapes the “foundation” fortune on a more daily life level. And from January 20 to February 19, you, Capricorn, will have particularly strong luck in work-related matters. This is not just about money, but people and information will be attracted to you.

This is a good way of saying that your career luck will be stronger. One important thing to note is that “strong career luck” does not necessarily mean that you will do well at work. Strong career luck is just like a mixed bag of work-related people, money, and information brought to your doorstep. There are jobs that lead to good money and success, but there are also requests that do not lead to profits. It is career luck that you will be flooded with these things one after the other. However,

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