Jan. 17, 2023: We enter “Winter Doyo”. As the seasons change from winter to spring, so does your fortune.

On January 17, 2023, we enter the period called Doyo in the Eastern calendar. This period lasts until February 3, and the end of Doyo marks the beginning of the first day of spring.

Doyo means “the period when the four seasons switch. Therefore, there is a Doyo at the end of each spring, summer, fall, and winter season. And this Doyo is called “Winter Doyo,” the period of changeover from winter to spring. Similarly, the changeover period from summer to autumn is called the Summer Doyo, and the changeover period from spring to summer is called the Spring Doyo.

Doyo refers to the time of year when the “Earth” (the power that governs change and adjustment of things) in the ancient Chinese theory of the five elements is in full force. Spring corresponds to “Wood,” summer to “Fire,” autumn to “Metal,” and winter to “Water,” and the seasons are gradually changed and adjusted by the entry of “Earth” at the boundary of each of the four seasons. In the case of the Winter Doyo, the ” Earth” acts as a regulator for the transition from the ” Water” (energy that close the momentum of things) in winter to the “Wood” (energy that give birth to new things) in spring. The Doyo, so to speak, acts as a “cushion” between the seasons.

The Four Pillars astrology is a form of divination that uses the Chinese zodiac to determine how seasonal changes affect a person’s life. The idea is that by living in harmony with the seasons, one’s luck will also circulate correctly. That is why the Doyo period is considered to be a period in which one’s luck changes along with the seasons.

The world as a whole enters a trend where things calm down a bit as the “Earth” element increases, but the luck given to each person depends on his or her Chinese zodiac sign.

Wood group: Tree (甲) & Grass (乙)
② Fire group: Sun (丙) & Fire (丁)
③ Earth group: Mountain (戊) & Earth (己)
④ Metal group: Metal (庚) & Jewel (辛)
⑤ Water group: Ocean (壬) & Water (癸)

The following text is the luck advice for each of the above Chinese zodiac signs for the Doyo period. Please refer to it so that you can spend the Doyo period, the period of adjustment of seasons and luck, in a more meaningful way.

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①Fortune during the Spring Doyo for those whose Chinese zodiac belongs to the “Tree” group: Tree (甲) & Grass (乙)

Those born in spring (February-April) and winter (November-January) according to the Eastern calendar are more service-oriented, with a stronger desire to help those around them. The more you do what pleases others, the happier you will be, and at the same time, you will attract good fortune, such as a good marriage or good fortune. This is a time when you can work diligently and strive toward your goals.

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