For Virgo: Crush and excitement Venus brings to you (Jan 26 – Feb 20, 2023)

From January 26 to February 20, Venus will be in Pisces. What Venus gives Virgo during this month can be summed up in one word: encounters.

Encounters can mean meeting new people or discovering new things in your existing relationships. The great enemy of relationships is the rut. Venus is often said to rule romance because it works to refresh people’s relationships by creating feelings of “like” and “crush.” The opposite of “like” is not “dislike” but “indifference” or “rut. ” Venus is a planet that revitalizes various relationships, events, and jobs, creating feelings of surprise and happiness.

Especially on February 15, Venus will conjunct Neptune, the planet that rules dreams and the unconscious. The “freshness” that Venus brings to your relationships means that

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