For Saggitarius: Crush and excitement Venus brings to you (Jan 26 – Feb 20, 2023)

From January 26 to February 20, Venus, the planet of “crush,” will be in Pisces.

Venus is the planet that works to refresh, brighten, and revitalize the world it touches. Venus is often said to govern love because it is the planet that creates the feeling of “like” by bringing freshness to people’s relationships. The opposite of like is not dislike, but rut. Venus is a planet that creates happy feelings by bringing freshness, brightness and vitality to various relationships, events and work. In particular, on February 15, Venus will be conjunct with Neptune, the planet that rules dreams and the unconscious.

For a little less than a month, Sagittarius, you will find “freshness” in people, places, and things that make you feel secure and comfortable, and this is where feelings of “crush” and “like” come from.

For example,

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