For Grass (乙) type: Fortune in the year of The Water Rabbit (Feb 3, 2023 – Feb 3, 2024 )

With the arrival of the first day of spring on February 3, we enter a new year, the year of “癸卯 (The Water Rabbit).” According to the Four Pillars of Destiny, your fortune will change drastically after this date. For those of you who are the Grass (乙) type, this year will bring you strong good fortune.

As Grass type, you have made a lot of efforts in the past few years. However, you may feel that your efforts have not been rewarded. Last year in particular was a year of great change for you, but some of you may feel that you have not achieved much in the way of real growth or accomplishment. You feel like you could have something, but for some reason it just isn’t happening. Many of you may have felt such frustration. And this year, you should be able to exit from such a sense of inadequacy. What you have been striving for will be recognized by society, and what you have cared about will find its place in the world. Such a trend will be born.

The “癸” in “癸卯 (The Water Rabbit)” means water. However, it does not mean water in large quantities, such as oceans or rivers, but water in the form of rain, mist, streams, and drinking water. On the other hand, “卯” represents a rabbit and also the season of spring, when all things grow beautifully. In other words, the Chinese zodiac sign of “癸卯 (The Water Rabbit)” has the dynamic meaning of “receiving blessed rain in warm weather, and all things in the universe will grow beautifully.” And for you, Grass types, the most important things you need are the sun and water. The spring sun, which brings moderate warmth without being too strong, and the spring rain, which gently moistens the earth rather than the sea water and torrential rain, are the best blessings for you as Grass type. In other words, “癸卯 (The Water Rabbit)” is the ideal sign for you. It can even be described as the zodiac sign with the ultimate formula for your growth.

For example, in love, you may

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