For Sun (丙) type: Fortune in the year of The Water Rabbit (Feb 3, 2023 – Feb 3, 2024 )

For the Sun (丙) types, the year beginning February 3 is a year to overcome a barrier. Or it could be said that it is a year in which you should break out of your shell.

The Chinese zodiac sign for the year beginning with the first day of spring on February 3, 2023 will be “癸卯 (The Water Rabbit).” The Chinese character for “癸” means water. It means water as rain, mist, streams, and drinking water, not as the oceans, rivers, or large quantity of water. On the other hand, “卯” means rabbit and also the season of spring. In other words, the Chinese zodiac sign of “癸卯 (The Water Rabbit)” has the dynamic meaning of “receiving blessed rain in a warm weather, and all things in the universe will grow beautifully.” For Sun types, the year of “癸卯 (The Water Rabbit)” is a time when ambition begins to stir in the depths of your hearts to move forward. You may not always know where you want to go, but you will occasionally feel an urge to move forward. In other words,

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