For Metal (庚) type: Fortune in the year of The Water Rabbit (Feb 3, 2023 – Feb 3, 2024 )

Metal (庚) types have an aura like that of a sharp blade. You have a brain that spins faster than anyone else’s, a mysterious intuition, and an aura that sometimes makes you difficult to approach, so you are often seen as a special person with a slightly different atmosphere in groups and organizations. You have the strength to go through life with a noble heart and high goals, and you are able to reach points that ordinary people cannot reach without a hitch.

However, you need to be tempered in order to shine. Just like a Japanese sword that shines beautifully when it is beaten repeatedly with high heat and a hammer, you are destined to be polished into a beautiful person by being rubbed by society and people.

Starting with the first day of spring on February 3, 2023, the Chinese zodiac sign for the year will be “癸卯 (The Water Rabbit).”

This “癸” means water. However, it does not mean water in large quantities, such as oceans or rivers, but water as rain, mist, streams, and drink. Veins produce water. In other words, this year, as a Metal type, it is important for you to “give” and “distribute” your talents and energy to people and society, just as you create and distribute water. By cutting yourself down and throwing yourself into society, your natural human charm, as mentioned above, will shine even brighter. This is the year to jump into society and be rubbed up against it.


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