February 2023 Horoscope for Gemini

February’s planetary alignments are also expected to be a boost for Gemini, as Mars’ retrograde ended in January, allowing you to turn your emotions into power without excess. The Sun will pique your curiosity and drive you into the “unknown.” You will be excited to try new things that you have never experienced before. Gemini has good footwork to begin with and is not afraid to try new things that they have never tried before. You have a dexterous nature, so you will quickly get the hang of things and become comfortable in your field. This month is a time when you can take full advantage of your strengths, and if you take action, events will turn around for the better.

Also, while we have talked about the “unknown” in the sense of knowledge and fields that you have never been exposed to before, the “unknown” in the sense of places you have never actually been to will also give you many new insights. For example, if you go abroad, you will find a different language, new people, unique ways of living, and an original history, which will bring out your new way of thinking and values that you have not experienced so far. These things will give you hints to bring out the abilities that lie deep within you. Therefore, don’t stay cooped up at home this time of year, but actively go outside and get to know people.

After the 18th, the Sun will move and your work will become busier,

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