February 2023 Horoscope for Cancer

In February, the sun will shine a strong light on your “secrets”. Lies will be exposed, and complexes will become public, affairs will come to light. This may bring an end to something. Naturally, your life will be affected in no small way. However, the end of this period is not just an “end.” For example, now that your complex has been revealed to those around you, on the contrary, you will feel lighter, thinking that you no longer have to hide it. Or, the end of an affair may lead to the possibility of meeting and dating a partner with whom you can have a proper future.

Either way, this month’s “end” will give you the opportunity to make a new start. You yourself may feel as if you have been reborn, free from all kinds of suffering. Therefore, there is no need to be sad even if you feel that something has come to an end or that you have lost a connection. Rather, look forward to the future with the thought that you were forced to leave something behind in order to become a new you.

Especially, after the 18th,

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