For Taurus: Mercury creates your communal luck and creates new interactions (Feb 11- Mar 2, 2023)

Mercury enters Aquarius on February 11. Mercury will remain in Aquarius until March 2, bringing good luck to people in the area of communication. During this time, your words, plans, and ideas will be passed on and circulated among people, especially in social situations such as work. You can shed new light on something you have been working on, such as a project you have been confident about but have not valued before.

Such trends can occur not only in your work place, but also in the community such as school or your hobby group. Simply put, this is a time when words that have not been able to reach the right people will be able to be received by those who need to hear them. In this sense, if there is something that has been frustrating or misunderstood, it is time to try again to get the word (or a project) to the right people and environment.

Especially during February 11 to 18, the Sun, which is the “foundation” of our daily fortunes, will also

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