For Libra: Mercury creates your communal luck and creates new interactions (Feb 11- Mar 2, 2023)

On February 11, Mercury, the planet that governs communication, moves into Aquarius. Mercury will remain in Aquarius until March 2, shaping people’s language and communication. February 11 to 18 is a special time because the Sun, which shapes the “foundation” of daily fortune, is also in Aquarius. The Sun works to empower the planets in the same sign. In other words, Mercury’s work during this period will be more powerful than usual with the help of the Sun.

And the luck that Mercury brings to you as a Libra during this time can be summed up in one word: “luck in love.” The season of romance has arrived! However, the kind of love Mercury brings differs from that of Venus. When Mercury brings you love, relationships are born through the medium of “words”.

For example,

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