For Aquarius: Mercury creates your communal luck and creates new interactions (Feb 11- Mar 2, 2023)

On February 11, Mercury, the planet that governs communication, moves into your sign of Aquarius. Mercury will remain in Aquarius until March 2, shaping people’s language and communication.

In addition, the Sun will be in your Aquarius sign for February 11 to 18. Yes, when Mercury moves into Aquarius, you will be in the “Aquarian Season,” which comes once a year. The Aquarian Season is a time when you grow out of your old self, and the world pushes you to be who you are. This is where Mercury’s communicative power comes into play, starting February 11.

The time that the planet is in a person’s sign is the time when its power is strongly infused. For you, Aquarians, Mercury’s three weeks in Aquarius is when your communicative power will be greatly enhanced. Your words, communication, and aura will

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