For Cancer: The Sun creates your foundational flow (Feb 18- Mar 19, 2023)

On February 18, the Sun will enter Pisces. The Sun will stay in Pisces for a month, until March 20, and will shape people’s basic fortunes.

The Sun is a special star in astrological terms, and is said to be the planet that governs people’s basic destiny. For example, Mars is the planet of passion, Mercury rules communication, and so on. Each planet has its own genre of fate, but the Sun governs the basic fate of people and the world. And for the next month, this “basic” destiny ruled by the Sun will work to take Cancerians to “distant places.” The “distant places” may be literally abroad. Even if you don’t go abroad, you may connect with foreign news or objects. You may connect with people or hobbies you are not normally involved with. It can also mean “distant” from reality, and in some cases, you may be able to connect with philosophy, thought, religion, or spirituality.

The Sun will help you to develop the various encounters you will have during this month by associating them with “distant places”. Specifically,

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