For Virgo: The Sun creates your foundational flow (Feb 18- Mar 19, 2023)

The Sun is special in astrology. While each planet has its own type of fate that it governs, for example, Mars for passion, Mercury for communication, etc., the Sun governs the basic fate of people and the world. It influences the base fortunes of individual fortunes, such as love luck and money luck. So sometimes it can be difficult to feel its influence. However, the Sun works to support a person’s luck and make that person shine in the world. In this sense, it is a very special planet.

On February 18, the Sun will enter Pisces. And it will stay there till March 20.

The luck that the Sun will bring to you as a Virgo during this month can be summed up in one word: “facing.” Your personal life partner, lover or someone you care about, or your boss, colleague or rival at work. This is a month of progress or change in your relationships with people who are not “one of a kind” but who have a place in your heart. For example, if romance is on your mind,

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