For Aquarius: The Sun creates your foundational flow (Feb 18- Mar 19, 2023)

From February 18 to March 20, the Sun will be in Pisces. The Sun has been in your sign of Aquarius until it enters Pisces, and you have just celebrated your birthday in the past month. The Sun travels through the 12 signs of the zodiac over the course of a year and stays in one sign for a month. And for you, this month was the time when the Sun returned to your sign after a year. The return of the Sun to where it was when you were born is called “Solar Return.” This means that the Sun returns to the place where you were born after a journey of about a year, which means that you are one year older and reborn. Everyone in Aquarius has experienced this solar return this past month.

From February 18 to March 20, you, Aquarius, will have especially strong luck in work-related matters. This means that people, information, etc. will be attracted to you, not just money. Your business luck will be stronger. An important thing to remember is that “strong business luck” does not necessarily mean that you will do well at work. Business luck is a state in which

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