For Pisces: The Sun creates your foundational flow (Feb 18- Mar 19, 2023)

On February 18, the Sun moves into your sign of Pisces. Your season is coming!

The Sun continues its year-long journey around the zodiac, circling the 12 signs of the zodiac. When the Sun comes around again to the place where it was when a person was born, it is called a “Solar Return.” This is the Sun returning to its own home after a journey of about a year, meaning that the person has grown a year older and is being reborn. And Pisces people will experience Solar Return during this month. The month of February 18 to March 20, which includes Solar Return, is a time of direct good fortune from the Sun for Pisces. To tell you more, Mercury, the planet of communication, will also move into Pisces beginning March 2. In addition to the “foundation” luck created by the Sun, Mercury will strongly circulate your words. It will connect the people around you and create new interactions.

The Sun is the star that is the foundation of astrology. The influence of the Sun is not so much on a specific area, such as love or money, but rather on the foundation or base of a person. Like the bass guitar or drums in a jazz or rock band, it shapes a person’s destiny. In other words, for Pisces, this month is a time when

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