For Capricorn: Venus creates your crush and excitement (Feb 20- Mar 16, 2023)

From February 20 to March 16, Venus, the planet that rules “crushes,” will be in Aries. Venus is often said to rule “love” because Venus has the power to make the world “fresh.” The way we “like” people is influenced by whether or not they feel fresh to us. When we stop “liking” something, it is more often because we “lose interest” in it than because we “dislike” it. As if to evoke this feeling of “liking,” Venus works to “refresh” our relationships with people, events, and work. It is Venus that encourages us to have different encounters with people and encourages us to build long-term relationships.

Capricorn, you are likely to find “freshness” in something as relieving as a hot spring during the next four weeks. It could be a relationship, a place, an object, or information. The freshness of something makes you feel “crushed” or “like” it.

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