For Leo: Mercury creates your communication (Mar 2- Mar 19, 2023)

Mercury moves into Pisces on March 2. Mercury will remain in Pisces until March 19, bringing luck to people’s communication. During these two weeks, Mercury’s power will bring to light the possibility that your words will reach deep into people’s hearts and build “intimate relationships” with them.

On March 2, when Mercury moves into Pisces, the Sun, which governs “foundation” of fortune, will already be there in Pisces. The two planets, the Sun and Mercury, will work together to bring people “future possibilities” filled with chance. In addition, on March 7, Saturn, the planet of trial and tribulation, will move into Pisces for the first time in two and a half years. This is the most significant astrological event of 2023.

The Sun is the star that governs people’s basic luck and is the central planet in astrology. The Sun creates fundamental luck, and the Sun encourages Leo to “dive into the deep places” in your destiny. In this sense,

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