For Virgo: Venus creates your crush and excitement (Mar 16- Apr 11, 2023)

Venus is the planet that rules “love” and “beauty.” It is considered to be the planet that brings “like” and “exciting” feelings to people. This Venus stays in Taurus from March 16 to April 11.

As a Virgo, you are likely to be invited to “somewhere other than here” by the energy of Venus during these three weeks. Venus is working on expanding your horizons and taking you to fascinating worlds where you can gain experiences that will help you move forward in your personal life. This could be a distant place abroad, a world with a very different culture, a genre you never knew existed, or someone completely different from yourself.

This may be an invitation to jump into a new world and start over rather than continue to deal with the problems you are currently facing. If things are not going well with your current team, there may be a place where you can be more active in your new position. Sometimes it is better to start from scratch with another project that has been abandoned. You may want to change industries if you don’t enjoy the work. This is a natural course of action.

What you should be aware of at this time, however,

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