For Libra: Venus creates your crush and excitement (Mar 16- Apr 11, 2023)

On March 16, Venus moves into Taurus and stays there until April 11. As a Libra, you will become more sexually attractive during these three weeks, and you will be more inclined to be loved deeply, to be sexy, and to seek physical pleasure. This is due to the power of Venus in Taurus. This is when your attractiveness will increase, and you will be more likely to receive certain favors from people. You will experience a time when your aura of attraction becomes more active, even if you do not consciously try to become so. This desire is not only physical, but can also take the form of lust, curiosity, and inquisitiveness about things you like to do.

Venus is said to be the planet of “love” because it is the planet that gives us feeling like a “crush.” This “crush” is an emotion that can be held in ways other than love. Sometimes,

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