For Scorpio: Venus creates your crush and excitement (Mar 16- Apr 11, 2023)

On March 16, Venus moves into Taurus to stay until April 11. What Venus gives you, Scorpio, during these three weeks can be summed up in one word: encounters.

Encounters can mean chance meetings, or they can mean discoveries in your existing relationships. Venus is often said to rule love because it keeps people’s relationships fresh. The trigger that ends a relationship is often boredom. The opposite of “like” is not “dislike” but “indifference.” Venus works to create or revive feelings of “like” or “crush” by revitalizing various relationships, events, or jobs.

The power of Venus will bring you into a “dating season.” The fact that Venus brings “freshness” to your relationships means that you will shine. Like a child seeing the ocean for the first time, your sparkling curiosity makes you irresistible. Encounters are not a matter of the environment but of the sparkle that ultimately comes from within.

Venus at this time, is responsible for bringing a mixture of surprise and joy to your heart. There is a hint that

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