For Capricorn: Venus creates your crush and excitement (Mar 16- Apr 11, 2023)

Venus, the planet of likes and crushes, is in Taurus from March 16 to April 11. Venus is the planet that brings “freshness” to events and relationships. Freshness is necessary for the feeling of “liking.” And, as is evident in love, the opposite of “like” is not “dislike” but “rut.” Venus has the power to bring various things back to life in a fresh way and to increase “likes” through its power.

For you, Capricorn, the “freshness” that Venus brings will be especially poured into your love life during these three weeks. Perhaps the term “season of romance” is appropriate. While Venus is in Taurus, being “excited” and proactive in getting into people’s lives is important, which will create a good flow.

The “romance season” here is not about people coming to you for no reason but rather about you enjoying your interactions with people and becoming more attractive, which attracts new people to you. The correct cycle is that your interest in people makes you shine, and

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