For Pisces: Venus creates your crush and excitement (Mar 16- Apr 11, 2023)

From March 16 to April 11, Venus, the planet that rules “likes” and “crushes,” moves into Taurus. And for about three weeks, Pisces is in a period of “freshness” in your daily communication with people. This is a time when even routine communication is reborn with freshness. This means that communication that tends to be formulaic at work and in private life will be renewed. This also applies to love. This is a time when words play an important role in love.

Venus is often said to rule “love” because Venus can make the world “fresh.” The feeling of “liking” depends on a person’s sense of “freshness.” When we stop “liking” something, it is more often because we “lose interest” in it than because we “dislike” it. To evoke this feeling of “liking,” Venus works to “refresh” various relationships between you and the world. It is the role of Venus to

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