For Gemini: Mercury creates your communication and encounters (Mar 19- Apr 3, 2023)

Mercury, the planet of communication, moves into Aries on March 19. Mercury remains in this sign until April 3.

During these two weeks, the keyword in Gemini communication is “be yourself.” It means, “Be who you are and be free.” This means expressing your words with transparency, honest thoughts from the heart, inspiration, and ideas without fear or hesitation. This is a season when your words shine as you spread your thoughts among people, find new possibilities in broken things, and create new connections with new people. This is a time when your words shine in such a way.

During these two weeks when Mercury is in Aries, you will attract a wide variety of people and information to you, Gemini. At the same time, this is a time when your words will reach far and deep. Your words, the texts you post, and the projects you submit at work will travel around the world like a living creature with a mind.

For example,

(377 words remain after this)