For Leo: Mercury creates your communication and encounters (Mar 19- Apr 3, 2023)

Mercury, the planet of communication, moves into Aries from March 19 to April 3. During these two weeks or so, the keyword for you, Leo, is “new ground.” It is a world you have not yet seen or a distant place you have never been. Mercury works during this time to bring your words, thoughts, plans, and ideas to a new world.

Here, “new ground,” “worlds you have not seen,” or ” remote places you have never been” are physically distant places. A simple example would be overseas. It also applies to distance and simply to a world, you do not yet know. For example, you see many people daily on your way to work or school, but you don’t know anything about their backgrounds. You are on the same floor at work but have never had a conversation with them. You don’t know all the people who live in your apartment building, but you recognize only a few faces. Or you have friends you talk to or greet when you see each other but feel that you don’t know their real personality. Mercury will work hard to ensure your words and communications reach these people.

The Sun, which governs the fortunes of the ” foundation,” will also be in Aries beginning March 20, coinciding with this period. During this time,

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