For Virgo: Mercury creates your communication and encounters (Mar 19- Apr 3, 2023)

Mercury enters Aries on March 19. Mercury remains in Aries until April 3, pouring its good fortune into people’s communication. During these 16 days, Mercury’s power brings to mind the image of your words in Virgo, penetrating deeply into people. This brings up the possibility of “secret relationships”.

This tends to be reinforced by the presence of the Sun, also in Aries, beginning March 20. Until April 3, the Sun and Mercury are both in Aries. This is the time when the potential for “secret relationships” is very high.

The Sun is the planet that governs people’s basic luck and is the central planet in astrology. The Sun creates basic luck, and the Sun encourages Virgo to “dive deep” into her destiny starting March 20. Some underwater encounter (not necessarily romantic) is implied. And Venus is implied to pour a “crush” into this encounter.

In other words,

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