For Scorpio: Mercury creates your communication and encounters (Mar 19- Apr 3, 2023)

Mercury, which governs language and communication, moves into Aries from March 19 to April 3. As a Scorpio, there are indications that the language you use day-to-day will change during this time.

For example, just as the spread and development of social networking sites have given rise to new expressions such as short sentences, slang, and emoticons, you will see changes in the language you use daily. If you look at trends in the world, the language people use changes as a matter of course as the tools and systems of society and organizations change. And “language change” leads to “change in thinking,” which leads to “change in lifestyle.” The words we use casually every day actually have great significance for our lives.

It is also said that “the quickest way to change your destiny is to change your words.” By using different words, the way you think will change. The new way of thinking will change your actions to a new style. When your actions change,

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