For Aquarius: Mercury creates your communication and encounters (Mar 19- Apr 3, 2023)

On March 19, Mercury, the planet that governs communication, moves into Aries. As a major trend of destiny, your communication skills as an Aquarian are strengthened for about two weeks from this time until April 3.

Mercury remains in Aries until April 3, carrying your thoughts, words, plans, and ideas to various places and into people’s hearts. Mercury works to make your words “travel” around the world.

It is more accurate to say that Mercury influences your words rather than directly affects you during this time. A word or an idea will be driven on its own, regardless of your intentions, to travel around the world and create various connections.

The Sun, which governs the fortune of the “foundation,” also remains in Aries from March 20. This means that the Sun and Mercury, two planets, reinforce each other and make your words more active. Therefore, your words will have a more powerful aura during this time. Your words will spread and circulate among people in all directions on their own.

In particular,

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