For Capricorn: The Sun creates your foundational flow (Mar 20- Apr 20, 2023)

On March 20, the Sun moves into Aries and remains there until April 20. The Sun’s good fortune will encourage you, Capricorn, to find a “place to improve your spirit” during this month. In a word, it can be thought of as something that makes you feel good. It varies from person to person, but it can be a place or space where you feel physically comfortable, or a relationship or event that gives you mental comfort.

As we spend our days trying to get ahead, we tend to focus on things like an easy-to-understand title, interaction with attractive people, or financial well-being. This leads to job security and financial security. This is all good, of course, but it is important to remember to elevate your spirit in the same way. This time the Sun will encourage Capricorns to seek “places to elevate their hearts” according to their circumstances.

To elevate your heart, you must release your true self and have time to face your true feelings without pretense or subtlety. Strengthening the bonds with relationships that allow us to do this, such as with

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