For Pisces: The Sun creates your foundational flow (Mar 20- Apr 20, 2023)

From March 20 until April 20, the Sun will be in Aries. Until just before that, the Sun was in your sign of Pisces. And you must have celebrated your birthday during this time. The Sun moves through the 12 signs of the zodiac over a year, staying in one sign for exactly one month. And for you, the month ending March 20 was when the Sun returned to your sign after 12 months. The return of the Sun to the place where it was when you were born is called the Solar Return. This is the Sun returning to where you were born after a journey of about a year, which means that you are one year older and reborn. Everyone in Pisces has experienced this solar return this past month.

And now, in this time of great change, you are being reborn and taking a new step forward in society. This is the coming month.

From March 20 to April 20, Pisces, you will be particularly fortunate in work-related matters. Your career luck will be strengthened. One important thing to remember is that

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