For Taurus: Destruction, Creation, and Metamorphosis that Pluto will bring over 21 years ( 23 Mar, 2023 – 19 Jan, 2044).

On March 23, 2023, Pluto will enter Aquarius. This is the first zodiacal shift in about 16 years and is a turning point in the world and the times.

Pluto will spend 21 years in Aquarius from now until January 2044. Twenty-one years is about one-third to one-quarter of an average life, and you will spend a significant portion of your life with Pluto in Aquarius.

So how does Pluto affect you as an Taurus during this long period?

We will explain this in the following two chapters.

(1) Pluto’s role

(2) The “metamorphosis” that Pluto brings to Taurus.

You are about to embark on a long journey of “metamorphosis.” You will experience many happy, joyful, sad, and painful times during this time. Your daily life will change rapidly with the passage of time, and your job, residence, lover, and partner will also change. But deep within the rapid changes of your daily life, there is Pluto, which continues to influence you slowly and steadily. It is meaningful to remember Pluto’s influence on you as a Taurus, as explained below, and to remind yourself of Pluto’s presence occasionally.

(1) Pluto’s role

Pluto brings “destruction and creation” to people. Like a beautiful butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, or a phoenix jumping into a fire to revive itself, Pluto’s role is to end something to create something new. The word “destruction” is only symbolic, and can be taken as an image of “end” or “loss.” Pluto teaches that “it is necessary to end something to begin something.”

Through such “destruction and creation,” Pluto leads us to

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