For Taurus: Mars stimulates passions setting your destiny in motion. ( 25 Mar, 2023 – 20 May, 2023).

On March 25, Mars, which inspires passion in people, moves into Cancer. Mars travels through the 12 signs of the zodiac for 687 days, or about two years. Mars continues to spend about two months in Cancer until May 20.

Mars stimulates your desires. As a Taurus, your desire to communicate with people should be stimulated. This desire comes from an increased need to understand people and all the situations surrounding you. You will want to understand the feelings of others. The direction society is taking, the price movements of stocks, and what lies ahead for you, and you will seek communication with others in search of answers.

Mars is a planet of intense energy. Because of its intensity, it was once considered an “evil planet,” but this is not true. It is a strong energy that inspires the mind and is a powerful force for accomplishing events. Although many factors contribute to a person’s success, such as the support of those around them, timing, and luck, the most important thing is the person’s actions. It is the role of Mars, the planet of passion, to give momentum to that action.

During this time,

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