For Gemini: Mars stimulates passions setting your destiny in motion. ( 25 Mar, 2023 – 20 May, 2023).

On March 25, Mars, which inspires passion in people, moves into Cancer. Mars stays in Cancer for about two months, until May 20!

Mars stimulates your desires. Mars works to push you towards what you want and where you think it should be. This is a very powerful force for achieving goals. Although many factors help people achieve things, such as the help of others, timing, and luck, the most important thing is one’s actions. And it is the passion that drives action.

Mars spent a long time in Gemini, your sign, from August last year until March 25. It has been three times longer than usual, including the retrograde period, which gave you, Gemini, an important power. It was a time when the passion to “start or move something” in a closed society was strong and focused on you. However, the passion of Mars can become impatience and frustration. There must be some Gemini who wants to move forward but cannot do so, but their passion only gets ahead of them, and their hearts feel burnt out.

Beginning on March 25, the passion that Mars gives you will move to the next level.

For the next two months,

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