For Scorpio: Mars stimulates passions setting your destiny in motion. ( 25 Mar, 2023 – 20 May, 2023).

On March 25, Mars, which brings passion to people, moves into Cancer. Mars remains in Cancer for about two months until May 20, stimulating your desires.

Mars works to push you toward what you want and where you think you should be. It is also a ver y powerful force for getting things done. Many factors help people achieve and accomplish goals, such as the help of others, timing, and luck. But the essential factor in achieving a goal is one’s actions. And it is passion and the power of Mars that drives action.

And during this time, you, Scorpio, will be inspired by this Mars influence to climb the stairs that lead to “high and distant” places.

The “high” places here refer to the world beyond your everyday life. For example, “service” is a place beyond the boundaries of “business.” It is a noble world beyond the common sense of the world, such as “philosophy” and “spiritualism,” which are beyond the framework of “science,” or a noble world beyond the mundane world that cannot be measured by money.

And “distant” places can be foreign countries that are far away from us, places and people that we have never had contact with before, or hobbies that we have never been interested in. In this way, the “feeling of distance” applies to physical and psychological matters.

And for the next two months,

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