For Capricorn: Mars stimulates passions setting your destiny in motion. ( 25 Mar, 2023 – 20 May, 2023).

On March 25 at 7:45 AM, Mars, which gives people passion, moves into Cancer. Mars stays in Cancer for about two months, until May 20.

Mars stimulates your desires. Mars works to push you toward what you want and where you think you should be. These desires are a very powerful force for getting things done. There are many factors that help people achieve and accomplish a goal, such as help from those around you, timing, luck, and so on. However, one’s actions are the most important factor in accomplishing an event. And passion and desire drive that action, and that is the power of Mars.

Especially for Capricorn, this is a time when the passion or desire for a “relationship with a specific partner” increases due to the influence of Mars.

The “special partner” can be

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