For Scorpio: Mercury updates your communication and makes adjustments due to retrograde. ( Apr 3 – Jun 11, 2023)

This time Mercury stays in Taurus from April 3 to June 11. With a retrograde period in between, Mercury spends more than three times longer in Taurus than usual. The following three sections will show you how your communication as an Scorpio will take.

(1) April 3 to April 21: Mercury remains in Taurus. “New forms of communication emerge.”

(2) April 21 to May 14: Mercury goes retrograde. “Adjustments in communication begin.”

(3) May 14 to June 11: Mercury goes retrograde again. “Through troubles and revisions, etc., the new communication as described in (1) will be firmly established.”

(1) April 3 to April 21: Mercury remains in Taurus. “New forms of communication emerge.”

During this period, Mercury will pour its luck into people’s communication. This is when “sincere words” are especially important for Scorpio, and Mercury will give power for this purpose.

The “sincere words” here are those you throw at the person you need to take seriously. For example, it may be a discussion to settle a marital quarrel or confess to becoming a lover. In business, it could be a presentation to persuade a client.

In any case, there is an increasing tendency for someone to appear whom you think “this person must be seriously confronted.” If they actually appear, it is a time when you should communicate with him or her sincerely. This is because whatever position they are in now, they could become an important person for you in the future.

Of course, this is not the only time of year, but especially during this period, the more important the person is to you,

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