For Scorpio: Venus in Gemini Brings Revitalization to Your Everyday Life ( Apr 11 – May 7, 2023)

You may find it surprising, but for about four weeks starting April 11, Scorpios will experience an increased desire for intense love, allure, and physical and sexual pleasure. This is due to Venus residing in Gemini from April 11 to May 7. Your innate sexual charm intensifies, making it easier for you to receive a certain kind of favor from others. Even without consciously trying to be attractive, there are times when your pheromones and aura become more active, seemingly without cause. “Sexuality” not only refers to the physical aspect; it can also manifest as “desire,” “curiosity,” or “inquisitiveness” for things and experiences you truly cherish.

Venus is often called the “planet of love,” primarily because it imparts emotions like “crushes.” However, these crush-like feelings can extend beyond romantic relationships.

Before delving into the effects, it is important to note that around the time Venus enters Gemini, significant planetary movements will likely result in major changes.

First, on April 20, a New Moon and a Total Solar Eclipse will occur, signifying the start of the Eclipse Season, which consists of recurring Lunar and Solar Eclipses. The Earth’s shadow engulfs the Full Moon, and the New Moon devours the Sun. This mysterious cycle can cause

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