For Aquarius: Venus in Gemini Brings Revitalization to Your Everyday Life ( Apr 11 – May 7, 2023)

From April 11 to May 7, Venus, the planet that governs feelings such as “liking” and “crush,” takes residence in Gemini, infusing a sense of freshness into various aspects of life and relationships. This refreshing feeling of “liking” can breathe new life into different situations, with Venus possessing the power to rekindle it.

Before delving into the impact, it’s essential to note that powerful planetary movements occur around the time Venus enters Gemini, likely leading to significant changes.

Firstly, on April 20, a New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse mark the beginning of the Eclipse Season, characterized by alternating Lunar and Solar Eclipses. The Earth’s shadow consumes the Full Moon, while the New Moon swallows the Sun. This mysterious cycle can reverse fate, giving rise to unpredictable currents. On April 20, the Sun moves from Aries to Taurus, and on April 21, Mercury, the planet of communication, starts its retrograde in Taurus. During this period,

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