For Taurus: Another tale of destiny brought by Eclipse Season ( Apr 19 – May 19, 2023)

From April 19 to May 19, we enter the Eclipse season, a time when solar and lunar eclipses alternate. This intense period kicks off with an annular Solar Eclipse on April 19, passes through a penumbral Lunar Eclipse on May 5, and concludes with a new moon on May 19.

The striking imagery of the sun and moon seemingly devouring one another gives the impression that the Eclipse season is a time when fate undergoes powerful fluctuations.

Historically, people have drawn various meanings from eclipses. For example, they have marked turning points in wars or indicated significant shifts in political regimes. Eclipses bring about rapid and dramatic change, and the month-long Eclipse season, which occurs approximately every six months, is a highly tense period.

In astrology, eclipses can be interpreted in many ways. At SOLARITA, we view this time as a period when the potential for overt and covert fates to swap exists. Overt fate represents the current reality people experience, while covert fate refers to an alternate “fate of possibilities” that differs from reality. The phenomenon of the sun “devouring” the moon and the moon “devouring” the sun can trigger sudden changes in fate, altering the dynamics of situations.

However, the manifestation of these “reversals” varies from person to person. While some individuals may feel significant changes in their destiny, many others may not notice anything out of the ordinary. The impact of eclipses is irregular and challenging to predict, but it is essential to understand that the potential for a reversal in fate can come to anyone.

Furthermore, the Eclipse season, which follows the pattern of Solar Eclipse → Lunar Eclipse → new moon, also embodies the flow of new moon → full moon → new moon. Solar eclipses coincide with the new moon, while lunar eclipses occur simultaneously with the full moon. Astrologically, the new moon ushers in a “beginning,” and the full moon signifies the completion of one cycle. From this perspective, the biannual Eclipse season can be seen as a transitional period that intermingles the “end” of the previous six months and the “beginning” of the next six months.

In this article, we’ll explore the impact of the upcoming Eclipse season, starting on April 19, on Taurus through a narrative. It is difficult to explain the effects of eclipses explicitly, so we can only provide a somewhat nebulous story. This story represents only one possibility, and the meaning that you derive from it is what truly matters.

For Taurus, from April 19, 2023, for about a month, the following story may unfold as a potential aspect of your destiny. Whether or not this possibility materializes cannot be definitively stated, but being aware of such a reversal in your fate holds significance.

During the month beginning April 19, 2023, the following story may come to Taurus as a possibility in your destiny. While it cannot be asserted whether this possibility will become a reality, knowing that such a reversal may exist in your fate is meaningful.

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